football rounders

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Same rules as rounders but instead of a bat & ball use a football


A ball, four cones and two hoops to mark the bowler's / batter's area.


Split into two teams, one fields first the other 'bats'. The four cones are the posts (bases) and are used to form a square with the bowling area in the centre and the batting area in the middle of one side. The bowler throws / roles the ball towards the batting area and the batter kicks it as far away as possible. They have 3 bowls and then they have to run. They must then run around the full square without the fielding team stumping the post they are running towards. If they don't touch a post before the ball hits it they are out. They are also out if the ball is caught off their kick without it touching the ground. If they don't kick the ball and still run then the batter can only run to the first base. As the team takes turns to kick, the batting team on the posts must continue their journey around the 4 cones before joining the back of the batting queue. If two people are on a base then the last person to get there is out. Points are scored for making it all the way round in one go. When a team has no batters left in the batting queue their turn is over and the other team bats. As a variation you can also use a cricket wicket behind the batting team for added sport mash-up. If the ball hits the wickets they are out.


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