Talk about my pet

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Get the Beavers to talk about their pet or a relatives pet


Templates for a dragon cut out of card
Color pens, glue, glitter


Download and print out several copies of the bearded dragon template
2 Cut out the two lizards. Place one shape on the cardboard and
draw around it, then cut out the lizard shape from the cardboard.
3 Glue the two paper lizards to the back and front of the cardboard shape.
4 Cut two strips of cardboard. Splay the front and rear legs and stick the feet to the cardboard strips to stand the lizard up.
5 Ask the Cubs or Beavers to decorate their lizards. Show them a picture of a bearded dragon so they know what it looks like.
6 Ask them to name their lizards and tell the rest of the section how to care for him or her.


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