Road Safety Drive

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We will be doing the road safety badge in one night by getting the cubs to drive a car(cardboard box car) around Westhall campsite. As they drive up the drive way they will have to follow the road signs. There will be a zebra crossing for other cubs to cross.


Zebra Crossing:-
2 carpet tubes painted black and white. 4 plastic mixing bowls panted orange and two head torch's that flash.
cut out 10 signs out of large pieces of card. 1, National Speed limit (cubs run) 2, 30 (cubs walk), 3, men at work (cubs slow down and go around) 4, Children crossing (cubs stop and count to 5) 5, Round about ( cubs low down and go around roundabout), 6, Arrows (cubs to follow the direction) 7, Speed Hump ( cubs to jump) 8, Give way ( cubs to stop and wait for car to pass), 9, Stop (cubs to stop and wait until aloud to go) 10 No left/right Turn.





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