Story Pebbles

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An activity where the children make their own version of story cubes using pebbles and permanent markers, then use them to act out a story.


Pebbles, permanent markers, paper pencils, pictures of examples, little fabric/organza bags for them to take their pebbles home in.


Each child is given a number of pebbles, for example 6. They use the permanent markers to draw pictures onto both sides of each pebble. (Warn them not to get it on their uniform!) They will need a selection of locations, objects, animals/people. You can give them ideas by providing them with some pictures. Once they have created their story pebbles they can put them into a bag for safe keeping.

To extend the activity and to complete the requirement for Beavers to act or mime a scene, they could then use their pebbles in their lodges. In their lodges, they each select one of their pebbles, making sure they have a location, etc. They should then come up with a very short story and act it out for the rest of the colony.

The paper and pencil is so that they can make notes if they need to.


  • act
  • creative
  • creative challenge
  • mime
  • pebbles
  • story

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