Astronaunts & Martians Relay

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In Teams have relay by doing tasks.


Old large wellies filled partly with rice (pair per team), Rubber Gloves (pair per team), tins with locks and keys (one per team), Dice, sugar cubes


Set up tables at one end of hall or playing area. Tin should have one dice and sugar cubes in. The tin is then locked and key placed on table beside the tin. First team member puts on wellies and rubber gloves (check for allergies to latex). Runs to the table opens the tin, rolls the dice. If a one must put one sugar cube on table, if four must build a tower of four sugar cubes (you can play with two dice if you prefer to make it even more difficult but they find it quite hard with the rubber gloves on anyhow. Then runs back to start. When they are running back put items back into tin and lock ready for next team member. The next team member will be putting on wellies and rubber glove so this gives you some time to reset table. Winner is first team to have all members complete the tasks.


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