Me and Physical disability

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An activity to link a topic on ourselves with the Disability Awareness badge


images, record sheets, pencils, balls or beanbags,necker


Investigate which Beavers are left or right handed (using the record sheets to help) and attempt to write their name (or draw a picture) with the 'other' hand. Try some activities using only one hand such as catching a ball and rolling their necker (try preferred and 'other' hand.Is one better?). Try other activities that are not normally associated with hands such as running and jumping with hands behind back. Discuss. Focus on ways Beavers adapted (e.g used feet or chin to hold necker, trapped beanbag with body, swung body more. Share photos of athletes and how they ave adapted to excel at their sports. Bring in any aid (e.g. grabbers etc) and explain how they help. These activities could be supported by a game played sitting down (players in teams of left or right handers) and/or one handed craft such as making a sandwich.


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