Camp Fire Popcorn

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Make popcorn on an open fire by making a clever gizmo from a sieve and a broom stick


Broom handle or similar size stick, 2 x Sieve, Popcorn, Wire, fire


Take one sieve and lash it to a “green” wood pole using wire:
Attach a second sieve to the first via a wire “hinge”:
Fashion a “catch” out of more wire to secure the second sieve to the first:
Light small campfire fire and allow to burn down to some embers (CRACKLE):
Add popcorn kernels to sieve, secure sieve catch and place over fire:
After a minute or so gently agitate the kernels backwards and forwards as the kernels heat up…

And POP!

Allow to cool, open popcorn maker and enjoy that smoked popcorn taste – no other flavourings necessary!

Give it a go next time you have a barbecue or campfire – it tastes great and is worth doing if only to enjoy watching the popcorn explode!

Instructions with photos attached

Video Example:


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