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The Blind Man’s Crane

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Patrol Leaders Training Task


4 pulleys,
some rope,
4 blindfolds,
a hook
and some buckets with handles


The Blind Man’s Crane Teams of 8 would be ideal, minimum of 5. Ideally this will require 4 pulleys, some rope, 4 blindfolds, a hook and some buckets with handles. The pulleys must be suspended at least 6 feet high in a square (this could be done in woods) but if you don’t have any pulleys this could be done by tying the rope in a cross with the hook hanging in the middle. With pulleys: the 4 ends of rope must go through the pulleys to the four blind folded team members. In the middle of the square will be 3 – 5 objects with their handles uppermost. The remainder of the team are to direct the four blindfolded team members without touching them to pick up all of the objects and place them in to the designated area. See diagram below. Fastest time wins. If this challenge proves to be too easy objects in the centre could be stacked in order etc


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