All about Cub Scouts

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A quick fire rotation around 9 bases to learn more about Cub Scouts in the first week back


Before meeting preparation

1 &2) Large font print out of Promises and Law, table each

3) Pen and paper, table

4) Laptop and projector, slide show of photos, print out of upcoming camps

5) Pitch tent outside, packed rucksack

6 & 7) Print out of badges and scouting history, table each

8) Hike day bag with kit, walking boots
9) Pen knives, matches, set up a little fire, marshmallows


“All about Cub Scouts” activity:
1) Cub Scout investiture process (discussion facilitated by LEADER)
2) Cub Scout Law and Promise – faith and non-faith options (discussion facilitated by LEADER)
3) Sixes (create a poster full of what it means to be a sixer or seconder)
4) Camps (photo slide show for Cub Scouts in side room to discuss different camps, plus brief mention of camp options for the coming year)
5) Camping kit (practical demos, outside)
6) Badges and their meaning/how to earn (discussion facilitated by LEADER)
7) Scouting History (discussion facilitated by LEADER)
8) Hikes and kit (practical demos and discussion, hall)
9) Knives and fire safety (practical demos and discussion, outside)

Leader notes
• Prepare base ahead of meeting
• Each six will rotate around each base
• Each base to last 6m30s
• Rotate on buzzer


  • introduction to cubs
  • Membership

Badge Links

  • Membership - Activities
  • Membership - Badge Meaning
  • Membership - Ceremonies
  • Membership - Investiture
  • Membership - People
  • Membership - Promise and Law
  • Membership - Scouting History
  • Membership - Signs