Tunnel/Cave System

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Underground artificial cave system and related games


Tunnel system at Scout activity centre; Head torches; tennis balls; cookies wrapped in tin foil (one per child); ticking 'bomb' (timer) in ziplock bag; pens & paper


First, let cubs explore the tunnels in their teams for 5 minutes, then have them come back out and draw a map of the layout.

Each team can then take turns for the following games/activities (give 2 torches per team, and don't reveal assignment until they are in the tunnels):
1. Rearrange themselves to exit in alphabetical order
2. Ditto - in age order
3. Ditto - in order of birth month

With one torch per team, send them frown to hut for:
1. lost of balls, randomly thrown inside
2. Hidden cookies

With no torches, find the ticking 'bomb' before it explodes!



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