Car Mechanic Activity Badge

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To be able to complete most of the mechanics badge based around a car in 1 troop night (with a little homework research for the Scouts to complete)


Car to complete demonstrations on.
Homework handouts to be printed ready for the end of the evening.


Break down troop into 2 groups.
Work at the same time through the attached checklist of training discussing with the Scouts the different points.
Hand out the worksheets for them to complete at home and return the following week for checking and signing off of the MOT and engine part.



Badge Links

  • Mechanic - Bulbs
  • Mechanic - Engine
  • Mechanic - MOT
  • Mechanic - Radiator
  • Mechanic - Screenwash
  • Mechanic - Tyre pressure
  • Mechanic - Tyre types
  • Mechanic - Wheel change
  • Mechanic - Wiper blade