Toilet roll bird feeders

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During the leaner months, providing bird food for your feathered friends will guarantee that they give you a show every day. This little bird feeder is a great reuse of empty toilet rolls and is simple enough for even small fingers to help with!


Peanut Butter
Toilet tubes
paper towels


1. Spread peanut butter over the outside of the cardboard tube as if you were icing a cake. You don’t want too much but you’ll want enough for the seed to stick well.
2. Pour the seed into the plate and roll the tube around, pressing the seeds in as you go.
3. Set the tube upright on a paper towel. After a few minutes, re-roll the tubes so that any empty spaces where seeds have dropped can be filled in.
4. Thread a length of ribbon through the opening of each tube and tie the top in a bow. Hang up in a tree and watch the birds flock.


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