Emergency Aid - Stage 3 (Week 1 of 2)

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Week one of a two week course covering the Emergency Aid - Stage 3 award. Focusing on the basic principles of emergency aid, what to do at the scene of an accident, how and when to contact the emergency services, how to treat and unconscious casualty, recovery position, CPR on an adult and how to deal with choking.

It also covers requirements for the Scout Outdoor/Outdoor Plus Challenge badges.


- Emergency Aid 3 training sheets
- Emergency Aid 3 tracking document
- Notebooks/pencils (for taking notes)
- Adult CPR training manikin/s

- Floor mats could be used during recovery position/CPR bases if desired.


Split the group into 3. The groups rotate around the 3 bases below spending 20 minutes at each.

Base 1. - What to do at the scene of an accident and how and when to contact the emergency services.

Base 2. - How to treat an unconscious casualty and recovery position.

Base 3. Adult CPR (chocking if there is time).

The Leaders of each base should assess the groups as they participate. They can then record if each person has 'passed' that particular requirement on the tracking document.


  • choking
  • cpr
  • emergency aid 2/3
  • emergency aid stage 3
  • emergency services
  • first aid 3
  • first aid Stage 3
  • recovery position
  • scene of accident

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