Fire In The Home

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Getting the Cubs to think about what to do if a fire breaks out at home.


Pages downloaded from National Grid Cub Scout Activity Badge - Activity 3 pages 1 - 3


Read through page 1 with Cubs, ask if they know where their smoke alarms are at home. If meeting place has a smoke alarm get the Cubs to find it and help test it!
Use page 2 to get the Cubs to plan their escape route from their bedroom if a fire broke out at night. Then show them the meeting place's fire escapes and fire assembly point.
As they finish encourage them to complete the wordsearch on page 3


  • danger
  • emergency
  • wordsearch
  • accident prevention
  • Fire Safety
  • Home Safety

Badge Links

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  • Home Safety - 999
  • Home Safety - Accidents
  • Home Safety - Fire
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