Friendship Quiz - 15 mins

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This activity aims to get your Scouts thinking about whether they are a good friend and what they can do to improve their friendships.


Pens or pencils


1. Give every Scout a piece of paper and a pen or pencil before Flag Down.
2. Explain that you are going to have a quiz but that the answers are personal so everybody needs to find a space where they can answer privately and only they should answer them.
3. Ask the questions, ensuring that the Scouts understand each one.
4. Tell them that you don’t want to know the answers and they don’t need to tell them to anyone.
5. If they answered most or all of the questions ‘yes’, then they are a good friend. The Scouts can now think about how they could be an even better friend.

1. Can your friends tell you their deepest secrets and know that you will never tell anyone else?
2. Would your friends trust you with their favourite games or clothes – knowing that you wouldn’t break them?
3. If your friend ever got into trouble would you stand by them or run away to avoid getting into trouble yourself?
4. Do you make your friends laugh?
5. If your friends were being bullied, in any way, would you help them?
6. Can your friends rely on you?
7. Can you argue with your friends and then forgive each other?
8. If your friends were doing something that you knew was wrong, would you advise them not to do it?
9. Can you and your friends always find a compromise when looking for something to do?
10. Do you listen to what your friends say and not make fun of them?



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