Stay Safe at the beach

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talk about the rules for staying safe at the beach.



Ask if any of the children have seen a lifeguard at the beach. Ask what they think the role of the lifeguard is and what they have seen them doing. Draw attention to the flags the lifeguard puts out on the beach – does anybody know what they mean? Set out flags at the front of the Beavers – an unsafe area for the red flag, a swim zone for the red and yellow etc. Now give each child an activity (e.g. swimming, surfing, kayaking, water volleyball with any props available) to come and act it out in between the right flags. For each activity, ask the lifeguard and the class to say whether they have gone to the right place and to ask them to move if necessary.Discuss what the different flags mean at a lifeguarded beach. Cut out the pictures and glue them appropriately on the background picture.


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