Jungle Book Relay

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Relay race using JB story


Story as below:
The Jungle Book
Joseph Rudyard Kipling was born in India in 1865. He travelled widely during his life, living in England, India, the United States and South Africa. During his second visit to India, from 1882 to 1889, he worked as a journalist, keeping exhaustive notes about life in that country. These notes became the basis of many books, including the children’s story The Jungle Book.

Chapter 1: Mowgli, the man-cub, arrives at the mountain top home of the wolf pack led by Akela. He is taken in by Mother and Father Wolf. But Shere Khan, the tiger, wants to catch and eat the man-cub. Mowgli is finally accepted into the pack after Baloo, the bear, speaks for him and Bagheera, the panther, gives the pack food in return.

Chapter 2: Mowgli grows up happily with the wolves. He learns the law of the jungle but also watches the men in the village. As Akela becomes weaker, Shere Khan gets closer to the young wolves to get support to have Mowgli excluded from the pack. Finally, Mowgli realises that it is time to move on. But before he goes, he gets the Red Flower from outside the house of a man. The Red Flower is the animals’ way of talking about fire. Animals are too afraid of it to use it as a weapon, but Mowgli is not an animal. He is a man-cub.

Chapter 3: Baloo, the old brown bear, is Mowgli’s teacher during his happy years with the pack. He teaches Mowgli the language of the jungle. He learns how to hunt, how to communicate in the different animal languages, survival techniques and all about jungle etiquette. He is also warned to stay away from the Monkeys, the Bandarlog, because they are foolish and have no law. But one day, Mowgli is kidnapped by the Bandarlog. Mowgli remembers his teachings and asks Chil, a big bird, to notify Baloo and Bagheera. Kaa, a ten-metre- long python, also comes to help, and they track Mowgli to Monkey City.

Chapter 4: Once in Monkey City, the Bandarlog take Mowgli to a building with no doors or windows. Bagheera is the first to arrive and fights hard with the monkeys, which want to kill him. Then Baloo arrives and is attacked as well. In the end Kaa comes down, kills a few Bandarlog and the rest are so afraid that they climb walls, running away from Kaa. The great snake starts a snake-dance which captivates all the animals. Mowgli sees no fascination in it, and helps his friends not to fall under Kaa’s spell. Mowgli has disobeyed the Law of the Jungle and is physically punished for his mistake.

Chapter 5: When Mowgli leaves the Wolf Pack, he goes to a man village. There he is rescued by Messua and her husband. They believe Mowgli is their own son, who was taken by a tiger many years ago. Mowgli is given the menial task of herding the cattle. One day, when he is looking after the animals, Mowgli hears from Grey Brother (one of his wolf cub step-brothers) that Shere Khan still wants to kill and eat him. Mowgli still wants to take the tiger’s skin back to the mountain-top. So, when Mowgli hears that the tiger has come back, he plans an ambush: he divides the cattle up into two groups. Akela takes the bulls, including Rama, to one end of the dry river and Grey Brother takes charge of the other cattle on the opposite end.

Chapter 6: Mowgli taunts Shere Khan and traps him in the middle of the river. Mowgli charges the cattle to stampede, and the tiger is trampled to death by Rama. Mowgli fulfils his promise and drags the tiger skin up to the mountain cave. He is welcomed back by his friends Bagheera and Akela and a small group of cubs who will hunt with him in the future.


In each Six, assign 1 Cub to the following Jungle Book character names: Akela, Bagheera, Baloo, Kaa, Chil, Bandarlog, Shere Khan (If <6 cubs, one Cub will have to be 2 characters). Note that if you say ‘Rama’, the name of our pack, that applies to EVERYONE!
Explain that we are going to read a shortened version of the Jungle Book story by Rudyard Kipling – give a brief synopsis. Tell the Cubs that they should listen out for the name of the character that they have been assigned – when they hear it, they need to run the relay (to the end of the garden/hut and back) as quickly as possible. If they hear ‘Rama’, EVERYONE has to run! First one back gets a point for their Six. Winning Six is the one with most points at the end of the story.



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