Peace Tree

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Decorate a tree, or mural of a tree, with symbols of peace.


Coloured pencils


This activity can be used around 21 September - International Day of Peace, but is equally suitable to other occasions.
If you want you can print out the symbols with their explanations from the attached document and stick them up around the room.
Print out the symbols on their own from page 11 onwards. You will need enough for each participant to cut out one or two.
Invite participants to write on the back the name of a country or person that they would like peace brought to.
Stick a loop of cotton onto the paper symbol and hang it on your tree.
Older Scouts or Explorers might like to decorate the tree with origami doves or cranes.
You can use a real tree, a Christmas tree, stick some twigs (stripped of their leaves) into a pot of sand or paint a mural of a tree and stick the symbols to this. For the latter the participants could help paint the tree.
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