World Water Week

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Activities for world water week, including quiz.


Paper, pens.


What do we use water for?
Split beavers/cubs into 4 groups and get them to come up with as may things they use water for. The group with the most gets a prize.

Did you know??
Every day, 2000 children die from diarrhoea caused by dirty water. This is just a proportion of the 4 million deaths from water-related diseases and poor sanitation each year.
Worldwide, almost 1 billion people lack access to safe water and sanitation.
In emergencies, many more lives are put at risk by inadequate water supplies and poor sanitation. It's estimated that each person needs 15 litres of water per day for drinking, cooking, and washing in an emergency. This makes providing clean water a massive task requiring the sort of specialist skills and equipment Oxfam has.

People could not live without water - we need it to drink, to cook with and to wash ourselves.
The average person in the UK uses 150 litres of water a day. This takes into account cooking, cleaning, washing and flushing.
The human body is made up of two thirds water and without water we would die.
A person could live for weeks without food but only about one week without water.

QUIZ Pick 2 answers they go to either side of hall

1. How much water is used by someone taking a shower?
18 litres 22 litres a.27 litres

2. How much water is used by someone taking a bath?
a.80 litres 95 litres 105 litres

3. How much water is used each time you flush the toilet?
5 litres a.9 litres 10 litres

4. How much water is used when you wash your face and clean your teeth?
a.4 litres 6 litres 9 litres

5. Washing clothes in a washing machine uses on average:
a.80 litres 100 litres 110 litres

6. Washing dishes by hand uses how much water?
a.7.5 litres 8 litres 8.5 litres



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