Beaver Promise Game

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Run Around Game


3 or 4 adults each holding up part of the promise (To do my best, to be kind, and helpful, and to love God)


Each adult holds up part of the promise. They move around the room with them
Beavers stand in the middle and shout 'I Promise'
Leader calls back in order 'To do my best'.
Beavers run to the correct part of the promise.
When all Beavers have found the correct adult, the leader then calls out the next part of the promise, and so on.

Variations could include asking one Beaver to call out the next part of the promise, asking Beavers to return to the middle before leader calls out the next line, playing outside in a larger area, pairing new and older beavers together and running in pairs, beavers only running if you call out the correct next part of the promise.



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