Pat Pat Stomp

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A silent (hopefully) game where Beavers use their bodies to play a memory game similar to "When I went to market I bought".




Pat Pat Stomp.
Beavers sit in a circle and without speaking the first person will pat a limb or their head or stamp a foot. The next person does the same as the last but adds their own pat or stomp the next person does the same as the last two and adds their own the act of remembering the sequence as it goes around makes it more difficult the more people who play. If somebody gets it wrong they have to walk round the circle and it starts again with them. Nobody must speak and if they wish to challenge a player they must repeat the sequence to show where the other player went wrong. Incorrect challenge means the challenger has to walk round the circle and the game is carried on from the correct player as if no challenge had been made.


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