Tea Bag Challenge

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Teams, answer questions, hunt for tea bags (other items can be hidden)


Quiz (can be on any subject - ideal to tie any outstanding badges etc...)
2 x Dice (large or small) We use foam dice a red one and a green one
Hall/Meeting place with rooms
Tea bags lots (cheaper the better)
Stop Watch


Hide Tea Bags in various rooms (keep count of how many tea bags are in each room) / areas and number off 2,3,4,5
Write on a white board (or similar)
"RED 1= Miss this turn, 6= Choice of room & 2,3,4,5 = Rooms"
"GREEN 1&4 = 10 Seconds 2&5 = 20 Seconds 3&6 = 30 Seconds"
"1 Tea Bag = 1 Point"

Split YP into teams,
Go around the teams asking Questions if they get a question correct they can roll both dice, to see which room and for how long they get in the room.
The YP must enter the room search for hidden tea bags and get out of that room within the time limit in order to win points,
Failure to leave a room in the allocated time results in collected tea bags being put back into the room (not hidden, normally just by the door)
The Team with the most points at the end wins


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  • Hunting game
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