Hygiene Relay Race

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A relay race to help children learn which colour chopping board to use for different foods and to instill the importance of washing your hands


Laminated pictures of food - one set of pictures per patrol
6 chopping boards or 6 pieces of coloured paper for each patrol - Green, red, white, yellow, brown and blue in colour - one set per patrol
A bowl of water - one per patrol
A clean tea towl - one per patrol


Each Patrol starts with a set of pictures of different foods, at least one salad item, one fruit item, one piece of raw meat, one bakery item, one dairy item, one piece of cooked meat, one vegetable and raw fish item.

There should be two tables set up for each Patrol, one half way along the course with the bowl of water, tea towel and the pictures on it and one at the end of the course with the chopping boards or coloured paper on it.

The Patrol lines up and when the race starts each member runs to the water bowl washes their hands and dries them, picks up a picture and runs to the table at the end. They place the picture on the correct colour chopping board or piece of paper and then run to the back of the Patrol tagging the member at the front so they know to start. The next member does the same and so on until all the pictures are on the correct chopping boards or coloured pieces of paper. When a Patrol has finished they should all be sat down in a line to make it easy to tell that they are finished.

This could also be done with the shelves of a fridge instead of chopping boards to teach the Scouts how to properly store food


  • food game
  • food hygiene
  • food safety
  • food storage

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