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The aim of the game is to be the six that gets 3 balls together in front of their six.


BALLS , Chalk, Large Bowls or buckets, Whistle


Place 7 balls in the centre of the circle (in a bowl ?)
- Number each six from 1 upwards (if uneven numbers then make some go twice)
- Position each six the same distance away from the balls in the centre of the room and from each other six.
- Mark out a circle in front of each group with chalk.
- The leader then calls out a number and the Cub from each team, runs to the centre of the room and carrying only 1 ball at a time, takes it back to their own circle.
They then can go back to the centre to get another until they have got 3 balls back into their team's circle.
As soon as the stock of balls in the centre is exhausted, then (and only then) can a ball be taken from another teams pile.

The first team to get 3 balls, wins

Note until all the balls are gone from the middle, you cannot rob from another teams circle

Need someone at each base to ensure no cheating



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