Fair Trade Discussion

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Learning about Fair trade food




This is mainly a discussion task which will be steered by the power point presentation, all beavers should be encouraged to be involved in the discussion.

What do the Beavers understand by the term fair trade?

What items can they think of that are fair trade? Eg Bananas and Cocoa Beans.

Fair Trade is all about making sure the people that grow or make the things we buy from get a fair price for what they do.
Fair Trade aims to help small family businesses that have to compete against big companies.
Cocoa Beans are needed to make chocolate.
Cocoa Beans are mainly grown in Ghana

Do you know where Ghana is? Africa

How much money does each Beaver think they spend on chocolate each week?
On average each person in the UK spends £72 per year on chocolate.

If we all spend that much, do you think Cocoa Farmers are rich or poor?

Despite their hardwork, most of the farmers are poor because they are not paid a fair price for their cocoa. Most of the money we spend on chocolate doesn't go to the farmer, but to the shop that sells it to us, the factory that makes the bar, and the people that buy the cocoa from the farmers.
Fair trade works to help the farmers get more money for their crops.

How do you know if a product is fair trade?

Try a piece of fair trade chocolate. Do you like it?

Read the Fair Trade Prayer.
Dear God Thank you for delicious things to eat. Help us to remember the farmers who grow our food, especially those who are poor. Thank you for fair-trade and help us to choose wisely so others may have a better like. Amen

Each Beaver to write their own fair trade prayer/ reflection.


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