Road Safety Single file actions game

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Based on "Captain's coming" game, but uses commands related to road safety




Beavers find a space.
Instructions are shouted as follows:
"Single file" - all get in a line, one behind the other
"Hold hands" - with nearest person
"Face the traffic" - turn the other way
"Use the pavement" - go to the side of the hall
"Stop, look & listen" - stand still, quietly, looking all around
"Walk across" - walk quickly as if crossing a road, looking all around
"Car coming" - sit & pretend to drive
"Motorbike coming" - pretend to ride a bike
"Lorry coming" - stand & hold a big steering wheel
Finish game by reminding them why it is important to walk single file on narrow country lanes & why they should face the traffic where there is no pavement (stress they should always use a pavement when there is one).


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  • road safety single file actions game

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