Remembrance day wreath

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Make poppies to place on wreaths to be paid during Remembrance Day parade


red cake cases x 50
black felt/paper, cut into small circles
sturdy paper plates x 2
green paint
white paper
poppy seeds
red paint
trays for red paint
bowls for poppy seeds
baby wipes


1. Paint upturned paper plates green.
2. 2 red cases per Beaver. Cut one around the edge to make it smaller, glue this one on top of the bigger one. Glue a black circle in the centre, on top of the smaller case. place flower on Upturned plate.
3. Using thumb, place into red paint, and then make a poppy-shaped flower on white paper. When dry, cut this out. place some glue in the centre of the flower, and sprinkle poppy seeds on to make the black centre. Place flowers on upturned plate.


  • make a poppy wreath
  • Remembrance Day poppy

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