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Groups must instruct their "turtle"-like robot (leader) to complete a task before the other robots.


* pens & paper
* tape
* floor space
* one leader per group
* four things to use as tokens


## Preparation:

Mark out a labyrinth or maze on the floor using the tape, this forms the arena for the "robots".
A 3mx3m square with passageways about 0.5m wide works fairly well.
Place the "tokens" randomly in the arena
Each of the robots will start in a corner of the arena and may only move as follows:
* "forwards" - walk forwards one step, but not past a tape "wall"
* "backwards" - walk backwards one step, but not past a tape "wall"
* "turn left" - a quarter turn left (on the spot)
* "turn right" - a quarter turn left (on the spot)
* "grab" - attempt to pick up the token:
** only succeeds if it is immediately in front of them
** robots may only hold one token

The aim of each group is to get their robot to the opposite corner of the arena while holding a token.
Robots which meet in a passageway should step past each other.

## Running:

Split into four groups (or run a knockout over several matches).
Each group should prepare a list of instructions which are then given to the robot to perform during the "competition" at the end.
While they are preparing the list of instructions, they can try controlling the robot by showing them instructions in order to get an idea of how it will behave.
The matches in the competition should run for 3 minutes each.


  • game
  • planning
  • puzzle
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  • robotics

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