Care of Stoves

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Scouts have an opportunity to use several different types of stoves. When using them they should be looking at ensuring the stoves are in a working condition, how to fix simple problems with the stoves and identifying which stove would be good for different types of camp.


Trangia stove.
Methylated Spirits for Trangia stove.
Twin burner gas stove.
Gas bottle for gas stove.
Hike stove (for example a 'rocket' type stove) and relevant fuel.


Operate on a base system around the room.
We had a leader on each base to discuss the set up of the stove, identify what needs to be checked prior to issuing for camp.
We had the Scouts then cook a fried egg so that they could see how quick each stove was for cooking.
We allowed 15 minutes per base before moving onto the next base.

At the end of the bases, we had the Scouts answer the following questions by standing behind the Stove which they felt was the best fit for the question asked:-
Which was the quickest to set up?
Which was the quickest to cook with?
Which would be the easiest to carry?
Which would/was the easiest to clean?
Which is the smallest?
Which is the easiest to light?
Which is the safest to use?
Which is the safest to carry?
What stove would be the best for a group camp?
Which stove would be best for a patrol camp?
Which stove would be best for a Hike?



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