Crowded Circle

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Indoor game where the young people must find and crowd into a small circle in the dark


Chalk or similar


Set up:
1. Work out how big to make the circle by getting all the young people to crowd together.
2. Draw the circle somewhere on the floor. Try to avoid easy locations, like next to a wall or right in the centre of the room.
3. Make sure everyone knows where the circle is.

Playing the game:
With the lights on, get everyone to move around the room, away from the circle.
Turn the lights off. This is the cue for the young people to find and get into the circle as quickly as they can.
After a short period of time, turn the lights back on again. Anyone not completely in the circle is out of the game.
As the game goes on, reduce the length of the darkness to make it more difficult for the remaining players.


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