Good Samaritan Game

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Working together to help others


Several bandages and 6 plasters per lodge


Remind the Beavers of the Good Samaritan story, before playing the game.
One member of each lodge must go to the other end of the hall and lie down as if they've been hurt (they are the traveler in the Good Samaritan story).
Divide the plasters, bandages between the lodges and give each a cup of water as well.
On the whistle the lodges must run to their 'fallen' group member, give them the water and bandage them up with what they have, then help them to get back to where they started. This can either be by supporting them walking, carrying them or making a stretcher with items they can find in the hall.
See which lodge can get back first.


  • Good Samaritan
  • Helping others

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