Compass Treasure Hunt

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Cubs use compass to follow pre-determined trail, finding "Treasure" items


Silva Compasses, pre-made instructions, 3" nails, washers, thin permanant marker


Start cubs in pairs, from pre-placed numbered flags on a sports field. They have to pace out a number of directions on the eight cardinal points and will find a small coin in the grass at the end of it, if they are accurate !! My recent planning attached, which only uses the four cardinal points, and starts quite near ends for easy coin placement... Obviously you could use your own and include the NW SW SE and NEs , or even random degree bearings to make things more difficult... I have modified this to make the "Treasure" to be a 30mm washer , held down by a 3" nail and a variety of words can be written on the washer. (See attached picture) - This stops the cubs picking up the coin, which then needs to be re-laid accurately during the activity. The words on the washer can also be educational, eg BROWNSEA ISLAND , or just fun, such as GOLD, SILVER, or DIAMONDS. Cubs then need to bring the correct word(s) back to the leader, before being issued with the next set of instructions. I usually set up about twenty routes for twenty cubs and there are thus plenty of spare routes for the faster ones...


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