Set Map To North Group Activity

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A group activity to set a map to north


Compass per team
Zoomed in map of local surroundings, i.e. HQ. (example attached)
OS map per team


Break group into teams on a table each. Give each team the local map and compass.

Explain sometimes it is necessary to set a map to north when out and about so that you can relate what is around you. Follow these instructions to do so...

Place local map on table. Place compass on top of map and make sure the long black compass arrow points to top of map, with side of compass lined up with the lines of longitude running from top to bottom of map. Turn compass dial so that North on the dial is next to the arrow, just like you wanted to travel north. Now turn the whole map until the north needle is within the red north arrow onside the compass.

Note that map now corresponds to surroundings.

Repeat with full OS map.


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