Mosaic Lanterns

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Make stained glass window type mosaic cover for jam jar and put tea light in for a lantern (scouting mag Nov 2003)


Jam jar (empty and clean)
Black paper
Coloured tissue paper
Glitter glue (optional)
Strong florists wire
Adhesive tack


1. To work out how much black paper you are going to need, lay the jar on its side at the edge of the paper, hold the edge of the paper against the jar and roll the jar and the paper together until the jar has been wrapped completely. Mark the points on the paper with a pencil and cut to size.
2. Mark your design on the paper. This will be the rough side. To achieve a mosaic effect, first draw a simple picture on the paper. Divide that picture into smaller sections that you will want to have all one colour. Then draw little squares within that segment and cut them out, leaving borders in between, to look like mosaic squares.
3. To colour your mosaic, tear small pieces of coloured tissue and stick them to the paper to fill in the squares you have cut out. Remember to put glue on the black paper, not the tissue.
4. When you have finished filling in the coloured squares, turn your paper round to see what the front looks like. Make any alterations or corrections at this stage, and decorate with glitter glue if you like.
5. Take the wire and make a loop big enough to go round the neck of the jar. Fit it round the neck loosely and cut the ends of the wire. Before you tighten the ends off, make a long handle with a length of wire and fix to the loop on either side. Twist and cut off any loose ends. Now tighten the loop round the jar neck and trim safely.
6. Wrap the lantern mosaic round the jar and glue in place.
7. Put the tea-light in the bottom of the jar and fix firmly in place with adhesive tack so that it doesn't move about when you light it.


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