Activate Cub-bots!

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Following a session where Cubs turn one of their Six into a robot using tin foil, cardboard and anything other material available.....they take part in a live board game where the Cub-bot navigates a maze by following directions to gather points. The Cubs will need to choose the path and order the commands for following this.


Cardboard 'chips' (rectangles of cardboard, spray painted for effect) with the following written on them
- Move (+1, +2, +3): move number of spaces {PROGRAM}
- Reload (+3, +5): Cubs regain a number of chips from discard pile {PRIZE}
- Power up: (double the effect of the next chip {PRIZE}
- Points (+5, +10): add these to the total {PRIZE}

Chance cards:
1. Catastrophic power failure results in partial memory loss – lose 3 chips.
2. Backup restore – reload 5 chips.
3. Nice relaxing oil bath increases mobility – double next chip.
4. Lost cache – gain 10 points.
5. GPS needs rewiring – move back 3 squares.
6. Laser security activated – discard next chip.
7. Spare battery found – move forward 3 squares.
8. Attacked by scrap bandits – lose 5 points.
9. Incoming data transfer – reload 4 chips.
10. Data lag – reuse last 2 chips.

Maze plan - attached - H=prize card, O=special event (glowstick).
Masking tape/string/chalk for marking out the maze.
Glow sticks - for special event ('power boost' squares).
Chocolate coins or similar - marking points squares...think Pac man :)


Each Six is provided several copies of the maze map and are given their 'program chips' (the number of these depends on however many you can produce). The Cubs choose a path for their Robot to follow in the maze and then order the program chips accordingly to try and get the most points and prizes.
Taking it in turns, the Cub-bot for each Six enters the maze. Cubs call out the 'Move' instruction and hand the chip to a leader - the bot follows this instruction and collects any points they come across. Continue until all chips are used.

There are special 'chance' spaces (marked by glowsticks) for which the Cubs must roll a die, with actions as below (may be modified easily):
1: read a 'chance' action card - may be good or bad
2,3: move 3 extra spaces
4,5: reload 3 chips
6: move 5 extra spaces



  • board games
  • communication
  • maze
  • Problem solving and games
  • robots

Badge Links

  • Communicator - Directions
  • Creative - Problem solving