Promise Tree

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Create a tree with girls writing their promise on a leaf


Brown and green paper or card, paint or felt-tips, scissors, glue, string, pen/pencil


Use green paper/card and ask the girls to draw and cut out a leaf shape. For younger girls; leaders may want to predraw the leaf shape.

On the front of the leaf they are going to write a promise that they want to keep.
This should link into their promise - e.g. Help other people, being nice, clearing/tidying up, doing their best....
They can then deorate their leaf around their promise.

Remind them to put their names on the leaves, whether on the front or on the back!

You will need a trunk and branches to hang the leaves on. We used thick brown card but anything tree like will do.
Attach the leaves to the tree by gluing them or hanging them with string.

Go back to the tree about a month later and see whether the girls are still keeping their promise.


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