thinking day postcard exchange

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get the brownies to write card and exchange them with other packs around the world at :


postcards of the local area (or handmade ones)
have joined mythinking day and forum
addresses for other packs


give each girl a postcard and get them to write out a postcard about their pack, what they do, where they are from (below is an example from the website) You could also work together to create one message that you print and stick to all the cards (rainbows might find this easier)
post one card to each pack you exchange with and the will post you one card back.
plot all the cards on a world map to see where they have been!

Hi all! Happy Thinking Day!

This postcard exchange has been great! We are Troop 1138 from Florida, 8 Brownies (7-9) and 1 Juliette Jr. We have one leader (Mari Jo) and two co-leaders (Kim and Karen). We live in the metro area of Orlando (yes... home of the mouse). The town we live in is just to the north of downtown called Winter Park. We just had our Thinking Day and represented India! We went to an Indian grocery store and tried on Indian dresses! We tried the food, learned some Hindi, wore Bendis, & watched Bollywood movies. We are fascinated and all want to visit when we get older. It’s cookie selling time for us, and we spent an evening at Sea World for a cookie rally (3000 girls showed up!). Troop 1138 wishes that all you scouts and leaders Have a wonderful 2005! Amanda, Amberley, Alexis, Cristina, Clara, Cody, Jessica, Paula, Karen, Kim, and Mari Jo.


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