Make Pancakes

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Make Pancakes, Mixture to be made as first activity after fall in. then do another activity whilst the mixture is forming/settling.


Flour, Salt, Cooking Oil, Milk, Eggs, Sugar, Lemons, Maple Syrup, Orange any other filling of choice.


Mix Flour Eggs and Milk into a poring consistency batter. Add a little salt and oil to the mixture, Whisk, Allow the mixture to stand, this lets it thicken a little, Pour small amount of mixture into a pan with a tiny amount of oil. Fry, toss and fry on other side.
Serve with sugar, lemon or maple syrup, or orange juice or any other filling of choice. Fillings can be savoury.

If you add more milk to the mixture pancakes become crepes which are cooked very thinly.


  • cooking

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