Ancient Greek Olympics

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Aim: To find out about the original Olympic Games in Ancient greece


Sports Equipment, old clothes for dressing up races - from On Your Marks Resource book page 11


The first 13 Olymoic games had only one event - running!
After this more events were added, including the 'hoplitodromos' in which athletes ran in full armour!
Other events followed, including boxing and wrestling, chariot racing, and the pentathlon which was a series of five events:- wrestling, running, long jump, javelin throwing, and discus throwing.

Put together your won Pentathlon
1 Think of any five active events and compete against each other in teams

2 In teams make yourselves into chariots. Mark out a race course and carry one team member in each charriot from one end to the other (you can swap roles if oyu get tired!!)
Play outside on a soft surface ie grass.
Make it more difficult by adding obstacles for the chariots to avoid (ensuring they are large adn will not be a hazard)

3. The ancient Greeks ran the 'hoplitodromos' in full armour. - you can run in as many clothes as possible!. Set up a course with items of clothes along the way which competitors must put on as they race. Ask everyone to bringin some of their parents old clothes and you will soon have enoug. Avoid trousers or long clothes as these could be tripped on.
When competitors reach one end of the course, they then need to run as fast as they can back to their team, taking off items one by one.


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