Street Dance

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Older Girls to be given the Task of coming up with a Street Dance to celebrate a forthcoming Activity or Festival - such as the Olympics
The Older Girls learn the routine in one week, practice it in their own time ie at School.
then over the following week or two weeks they Teach the other Girls in the Unit the Dance, and they then perform it for the Leaders.
Why not invite Parents at the end of a Unit meetign and perform the routine to a larger Audience.


Music player, CD of Girls Choice, props ie ribbons, whatever the Girls feel fits in with their routine.


We allowed our Older Girls to go into a separate room to practice and devise their routine one week.
Then then teach it to the other Girls - we have suggested they take 30 to 40 minutes of a unit meeting, then do the same the followign week as some of the younger girls may not be dance orientated and take longer to learn the routine. How long this lasts in a uit meeting si really a look and see. If the Girls are enjoying the session then you could let it run on.


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