Going For Gold

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Aim: To set targets and do your personal best; to inrease girls' understanding of commitment to a long-term goal.


One postcard-sized piece of card for each girl


Give each girl a piece of card. Ask everyone to think of something that they would like to achieve over the next few months. This could be a big thing: to complete a guiding challenge or qualification, find a new job or meet a fitness goal. Equally it could be someting less time-consuming, such as trying something for the first time, achieving a badge or making a new friend.

Ask each girl to write or draw her personal challenge on her postcard. Encourage girls to help each other think of ideas. Write step-by-steo action plans showing how you will reach your goals. You could also agree together how you will celebrate when you succeed!

Collect the postcards and keep them for an agreed amount of time (it's best to keep this short for younger girls) before giving them back to your unit as a reminder of their commitment and pledge. You could return them through the post!

When everyone has recieved their postcards, discuss these questions.

Did you comlete your challenge?

If so, what could you do next? If not, can you achieve it soon?

What did you learn from challenging yourself? Was it easy or difficult?

Don't forget to celebrate the hard work you've put into reaching your goal, and to set yourselves a new challenge....


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