Seb Says

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Aim: A fun active introduction to Olympic and Paralympic sports.




Lord Seb Coe is Chair of the London Organising Commitee for the Olympic Games. He is double Olympic Champion and 12-time world record holder in middle distance running.

This game is played like 'Simon says'.
Choose one player to be 'Seb'. The rest of the players spread out around the playing area. Seb calls out instructions to mume different Olypic and Paralympis sports. If 'she' starts by saying 'Seb says...' the girls must act out the sport that has been called. If a sport is called without the phrase 'Seb says'. any girl who starts to mime it is out the game. Seb's aim is to get all the other players out!

Use the list of Olympic and Paralympic sports listed under the activity Plympic and Paralympic facts - why not throw in some unusual sports the girls may not have come accross before!

SAFETY: Ensure girls have enough room to act out a sport before you call it out.


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