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To find out about the Olympic and Paralympic mottoes. To think about the values of your own unit and make up your own inspiring motto.


Pens and paper


The official motto for the Olympic Games is 'Faster, higher, stronger' (Citius, altius, fortius in Latin). The paralympix Games' motto is 'Spirit in motion'.

Many organisations and groups have a motto, which sums up their purpose and inspires those involved. Some examples are:
Girlguiding UK - girls in the lead
Brownies - Lend a Hand
Aresnal Football Club - Victoria Concordia Crescit (Victory comes from harmony)
Rutland (UK's smallest county) - Multum in Parvo (Much in little).

In groups, Patrols, Sixes or as a whole unit, think about what the motto of the unit could be.

First think og words connected to you - for example adventure, fun, girls, exciting, in the lead and so on. Consider the Promise and Law and how similar their ideals are to the Olympic/Paralympic motto and values; for example do my best, serve the Queen and my country, honest, face challenges, respect, good friend.

Now can you use these words to make a short motto that sums you up as a unit? If youve done this in groups, show and explain your motto ideas to the whole unit. Vote for your favourite overall.

How can your unit ensure that the motto is nt just empty words? Chat about the different things you can all do to show that you unit really lives up to its new motto. How will you introduce new members of your unit to the motto?

Take it further
Make a logo or coat of arms to go with your motto. Use Google translator to translare it into Latin! htt://translate.google.com


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