Mini Games

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Working as a team, to organise a mini-Games event for your own unit or for another section.


Sports equipment
any other materials you decide to use.

To make your own meals you'll need
meatlic card, pens, scissors, cord/wool


The Olympic and Paralympic Games are among the biggest events in the world, with billions of people following their countries' sports stars and enjoying the global atmosphere.

The Games always begin with the Opening Ceremony, a chance for the host city to show its artistic culture through perfroming arts. In the presence of all the athletes taking part, the Olympic Oath is made by a representative of the athletes then the last torch carrier in the relay lights the huge Olympic flame in the stadium, The games then begin.

After the final of each sporting event there is a medal ceremony, where the athletes who come first, second and third are presented with gold, silver and bronze medals.

At the end of the Games is the Closing ceremony. The athletes of countries enter the stadum together. Speeches are made and the Games are officially closed. The Olympic flag is passed to the mayor of the net host city (which will be Rio de Janeiro, in Brazil, in 2016), then the next host performs a show with a flavour of it's own culture.

What to do: Run your own mini-games! nvolve the whole unit in coming up with ideas and taking on roles in the planning and preperation.

Safety: Ensure you perform a risk assessment for you mini-games, and follow The Girlguiding Manual policies. See >members area >The Guiding Manual.

The basics:
*Where will you hold the mni-games? Is the area large enough, and is it safe? Will you be able to hold more than one event at once, with spectators watching both?

*How much time will you allow for the different parts of the games?

*How may people can participate and watch/ Who will you invite to watch - other units, families, formaer unit members, non-guiding friends?

*Who will help to organise the Games and who will beign what?

* Can you borrow equipment from a nearby school, college or sports centre?

*Can you ask experts from sports clubs to help run events?

Opening and Closing Ceremonies
*Girls could represent a chosen country in teams. or represent their unit(s).

*You could take the Olympic Oath with everyone remaking their Promise to remind them of the values of guiding before the begin the competition.

*Include cultural performances, for example music, dance, drama.

*Hold a mini torch relay. For safety reasons you could use a fake torch!

*If it is a larger event, can you charge for a small entry fee to ensure the event breaks even?

*Will you charge the specatators for refreshments? O run a raffle or tombola?

Award participants a gold, silver or bronze medal for coming first, second or third in wach event. You could make these from ribbon and circles of metallic card. Write down the event and the person's name on the back on the card.

*You culd give everyone a meal at the Closing ceremony for participating in the mini-games. Girls could make them for each other and put them round each others necks at the closing event.


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