Fathers Day Card (Tie)

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Simple quick card for fathers day.


Tinfoil, A4 or A5 card, Glue stick, permanent marker various colours, pen or pencil to write inside


Fold piece of card in half to form card shape. We used old A4 Dividers and cut the holes off and also the tabs (recycling).

In portrait view (longest sides up and down not side to side)

Fold back the front of the card BUT only pinch the top to find the centre.

Cut down from the centre for a few centremetres amount is personal to individual but be wary that this will form the collars of a mans shirt if you cut too far down it will look silly and you will need to begin again.

Fold back the two pieces so that the new corner points you have just made point out towards each outside edge of the card make a shirt collar.

Takeing the tinfoil draw a tie witha top notch and large fish tail and glue under your shirt colour with glue stick.

The tie can be decorated with permanent makers/highlighters.

Write a message to dad inside the card.


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