Pass the Shoe

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Singing Camp Song




Each participant takes off one shoe and sits down.
Everyone sits in a circle with legs crossed. Your knee should be touching your neighbours knee.
The shoe is put infront of them until the song is learnt.
Clap to the song so that you get the beat.
Once the song is learnt the shoe can be passed on the correct words.
I have added the tune.

I pass this shoe from me to you, to you
I pass this shoe and do just what I do.

ActionsOn each beat of the song (pass, shoe, you, you, pass, shoe), pick up the shoe in front of you and plonk it down in front of your neighbour - the sound of the shoe hitting the floor should be on the beat.

This works until the end - at "do just what I do" pick up the shoe in front of you and KEEP HOLD OF IT. On the first "do" tap it on the floor to your right, on "what" tap it on the floor to your left and on the final "do" tap it to the right again.

Of course at the end each person should be holding one shoe and there should be none left over... but somehow it never seems to work that way.


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