Treasure Hunt

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Cubs work in sixes to find coloured eggs to score points


30 hard boiled eggs (for a pack of 4 sixes)
1 colour per six plus gold
1 basket per six


Divide the eggs into (5) piles of six eggs.
Paint each pile a different colour - we used spray paint although this can only be done by leaders. If you can find the colours to match the sixes even better. You can lay the eggs in an egg tray, spray the top half and when dry turn over and spray the remaining area. You could get the cubs to make this but would need safer paints.
On the day of the treasure hunt hide the eggs around your given area

Give each six a basket and the colour they need to find.
Cubs score a point for a correct colour and 2 points for each gold egg.
They loose a point for each incorrect coloured egg found.

Add up the points to find a winner.



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