Olympic Crystal Maze

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Crystal Maze but based on the Olympics.


will depend on the activities planned for each base
Crystals/ tokens


1. Set up activity bases depending on the number of sixes/patrols you have. Have each base with a different base:
-Physical (running, dribbling a ball, assault course)
-Intellectual (Brain teasers, riddles, quizzes, anagram games)
-Creative (painting, sewing, writing a limerick)
-Sensory (memory games using observation, taste testing)

2. Divide the unit into smaller teams of about six. Ask each team to select it's own name.

3. Each team should visit all the different bases in turn. At each base there should be different activities to complete. The team must nominate people to do each activity. Everyone must be directly involved in at least one activity. Anyone who is not actually doing an activity should encourage and cheer on their team members.

4. After a set time the team must stop what they are doing. They get tokens on how many they've done right or how many things they have done.

5. When the teams have visited all the bases, they should count up their crystals to find out how well they did.

(This activity has been slightly adapted but the bul of it has come from the activity Crystal Maze in the Right Now! Resource)


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