Newspaper Evening

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A range of activities based around using newspaper


Lots and lots of newspapers



Sugar Paper



Starter activity
Use rolled up newspapers and a ball of newspaper to play hockey

***Get into small teams for the rest of the evening***

Dress a Guide using newspaper – fairy tale characters
1 newspaper, 1 roll sellotape per group
e.g. Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Robin Hood, Peter Pan
Give points to the team with the best costume

Who can tear the best…
1 newspaper per group
Who can tear the best… square, circle, heart, star, fish, tree, house, elephant
Give points to the team who tears the best.

Find bits of cartoon, put in right order
3 newspaper cartoons, with a copy of each per team
Each group has a copy of each cartoon cut into sections and mounted on different coloured cards, hidden around the room
Each group collects their cards and puts them in the right order.
Give points to the quickest team to complete all 3 cartoons.

Tear out a complete alphabet
1 newspaper, 1 glue stick, 1 piece sugar paper per group
Letters must be as big as possible
Stick letters in right order onto a piece of sugar paper
Give points to the quickest team

Make up an original news article
Using whole lines cut out from other articles
Give points for the most original article


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  • teamwork

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