Bonfire Night

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Have fun making these pretend fireworks.


cardboard kitchen roll tube, coloured paper and card, yellow
and orange tissue paper, glue, glitter, sticky tape or small stapler, straw.


1. Cut a piece of coloured paper big enough to fit around the cardboard
kitchen roll tube with a small overlap.
2. Make patterns on the paper with the glue and sprinkle with the glitter.
3. Shake off any surplus glitter and leave to dry. While this is drying, you can
make the top of the rocket.
4. Cut out a piece of the coloured card about 10cm in diameter, so it fits over
the top of the cardboard tube.
5. Then cut out a small segment of the card, making sure it goes right to the
centre, and then glue the two straight edges together. You should now have
a cone shape.
6. Next glue the decorated paper to the cardboard tube and trim the length to
fit, making sure you have enough left at one end to make flaps.
7. To make the flaps, snip all around the end of the paper with the overlap
and bend inwards. Add some glue to the flaps and hold on the cone-shaped
top until it is firmly stuck in place.
8. Tape or staple the straw to the inside of the other end of the tube.
9. Cut out a few streamers from the tissue paper and glue them alongside the
straw. These will be your pretend flames!


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